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Founded in 2017, World Alliance Realty was established with one central mission in mind: to make the purchase and sale process an easy one for individuals who are seeking to buy real estate in South Florida. International real estate transactions are fraught with lots of potential pitfalls and the logistics of buying property in another country can seem daunting — that is, if you don’t have an experienced team working on your side!

At World Alliance Realty, our specialty is working with overseas clients who are seeking to buy real estate in the United States in an international transaction. Whether you’re looking for a new home as you prepare to relocate to the USA or are an overseas real estate investor seeking out some profitable properties in the U.S., the World Alliance Realty Team is here to assist.

World Alliance Realty is based in North Miami Beach, Florida, which is one of the nation’s hotspots for residential and commercial real estate, particularly when it comes to real estate investing. But our team is situated across the nation, enabling us to provide exceptional, hyper-localized assistants to our clients. But don’t take our word for it! Discover the difference for yourself when you work with the team at World Alliance Realty when purchasing your next home or investment property in the USA.

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We pay attention to your wants and needs, your likes and dislikes. We’ll discuss the big things like how many bedrooms you’ll need, and little things like whether you drink coffee at home every morning or prefer to grab a double tall latte on the way to work. Knowing you will help us know your dream home when we find it. Hop in the car with one of our agents for a tour of the city. We’ll show you a bunch of homes that match up with your criteria, your lifestyle and your financial requirements. Along the way, we’ll point out the pros and cons and give you the inside scoop on every neighborhood. This is a complimentary service—consider it our on-the-job interview.

Selling a Home

We know that when it comes to a real estate broker, you have a lot of choices.  That being said, we know that upon your first contact with us, you will see there is truly a difference in who represents you. We’d love to hear from you, no matter if you are ready to sell or just curious about what your home is worth. Marketing your home isn’t just about listing it on the MLS. It’s about going the extra mile through gorgeous photos, connections with other real estate agents, email blasts, social media and more.  While our marketing plan gives you a good idea, your home is unique and we will work with you to determine the best way to sell your specific home.


If you’re looking to move in to South Florida, we can help! Our full-service relocation department is available to assist you with a move locally. Our team of trained relocation professionals can provide you with the necessary information and tools to help you make a transition as easily as possible. If your company is looking to relocate your business to South Florida, we can help. We’ll help take the headache out of figuring out the details, by providing you with the solutions to make a corporate move easier on you and your employees. South Florida is a great place to live or business and finding the a place that meets your needs is important and we know it so lets us help you with this process.

Property Management

We have many years of experience buying, selling, leasing and managing residential and commercial properties in South Florida. Because of this experience we understand that your income property is much more than a simple investment. Our large portfolio of income properties ranges from single family homes, condos and smaller apartment buildings to large apartment complexes, commercial properties and HOAs. We have great success in making sure that these properties are leased to qualified residents and that they are properly maintained. We approach property management as an income-generating business. We are not doing our job if we do not keep your expenses low and your income high. To do this we maintain high standards of reliability and accountability, and gives owners the true peace of mind that comes with knowing that their property is in the best hands possible.


Buying a home is an exciting experience, but it can be one of the most challenging if you don’t understand the mortgage process. Many families feel overwhelmed because of the amount of paperwork they must complete. Knowing what to expect, especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer, will help you make solid decisions about your home purchase. Once you enter the process, you’ll be faced with a variety of forms and an assortment of paperwork. As you gather your information from experts, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you are receiving reliable information that will enable you to make the right choices throughout the mortgage process. With many year of experience and many mortgage processes we have helped our customers to get approved quickly and painless. Let us help you find the right mortgage for you.


One of the most important benefits of vacation rental homes is that they offer more privacy than regular hotels.  Most (but not all) vacation rentals provide protection against noise from rowdy vacationers or of slamming hotel doors.  If you are planning to make your vacation more relaxing, rental properties are generally second to none. It is also possible to get vacation rental houses with hot tubs and private pools, maybe not completely your own but certainly more private than the common hotel amenity. If you are going on a vacation with and extended family or in a large group, you can also consider the option of choosing larger units which offer multiple bedrooms and larger living areas. The entire family can utilize this larger space (most with full kitchens). We have the perfect vacation home rental for you just give us a call!

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    In real estate knowledge is the key. Having an experiment real estate adviser is important  because not only helps you save money or make a better profit but also helps avoid those inconvenient legal issues that can cost you money.


    An Appraisal is an estimate of a property’s fair market value. It’s a document generally required (depending on the loan program) by a lender before loan approval to ensure that the mortgage loan amount is not more than the value of the property. The Appraisal is performed by an “Appraiser” typically a state-licensed professional who is trained to render expert opinions concerning property values, its location, amenities, and physical conditions.

    Obtaining a loan is the most common reason for ordering an Appraisal, however there are other reasons to get one:

    Contesting high property taxes
    Establishing the replacement cost for insurance purposes
    Divorce settlement
    Estate settlement
    Negotiating tool in real estate transactions
    Determining a reasonable price when selling real estate
    Protecting your rights in an eminent domain case
    A government agency requirement
    A lawsuit

    There are 3 common approaches, or Appraisal Methods, used by Appraisers to establish property value. After thorough exercise of all 3, a final value estimate is correlated. When evaluating single-family, owner-occupied properties, the Sales Comparison Approach is heavily weighted by an Appraiser.

    Cost Approach – A formula is used to obtain the property value: Land value (vacant) added to the cost to reconstruct the appraised building as new on the date of value, less accrued depreciation the building suffers in comparison with a new building.
    Sales Comparison Approach – The Appraiser identifies 3 to 4 comparable comps, recently sold properties in the neighborhood, ideally, sold in the previous 6 months and within ½ mile of the subject property. A comparison is done between the recently sold properties and the subject property including square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, property age, lot size, view, and property condition.
    Income Approach – The potential net income of the property is capitalized to arrive at a property value. Capitalization is the process of converting a future income stream into a present value. This approach is suited to income-providing properties and is used in conjunction with other valuation methods.

    The mortgage company owns the appraisal even though the borrower paid for it. This is because the mortgage company orders the appraisal on the borrower’s behalf, and the Appraiser lists that mortgage company on the report. The borrower does have the right to receive a copy; however it’s the mortgage company’s discretion to give the borrower the original appraisal report.

    Yes. In most cases you will not have to pay for another appraisal if you change your mortgage company, and depending on the loan program typed, the first lender can transfer it to the new lender. Some appraisal firms may charge a small fee because additional clerical work is required to reflect the new mortgage company; this is called an “Appraisal Retype Fee”. The original mortgage company has the right to refuse to transfer the appraisal to another lender. In this case, a new appraisal is needed.

    The property seller sets the price, especially for residential property, not the Appraiser. Sellers usually don’t order an appraisal because they want to obtain the highest price for their home and therefore don’t want to be bound by the Appraiser’s assessment.

    The real estate agent receives a percentage of the price as compensation and often represents the seller in the transaction and assists them in setting the sale price. They perform a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), which real estate agents in most states are allowed to perform without an Appraiser’s License or Certification. The CMA is vital to the agent’s preparation for a listing examining recent property sales in the neighborhood to arrive at a listing price. Typically the agent will suggest a price to the seller based on the CMA however the seller may choose to list their property for a higher price.

    It’s to your advantage to help the Appraiser perform the assessment by providing additional information:

    What is the purpose for the appraisal?
    Is the property listed for sale, and if so, for what price and with whom?
    Is there a mortgage? And if so, with whom, when placed, for how much and what type (FHA, VA, etc.), at what interest rate, or other type of financing?
    Are any personal properties or appliances included in the property?
    With an income-producing property, what is the income breakdown and expenses for the last year or two? A copy of the lease may be required.
    Provide a copy of the deed, survey, purchase agreement, or additional property papers.
    Provide a copy of the current real estate tax bill, statement of special assessments, or balance owed on anything, i.e. sewer, water, etc.


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