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Founded in 2017, World Alliance Realty was established with one central mission in mind: to make the purchase and sale process an easy one for individuals who are seeking to buy real estate in South Florida. International real estate transactions are fraught with lots of potential pitfalls and the logistics of buying property in another country can seem daunting — that is, if you don’t have an experienced team working on your side!

At World Alliance Realty, our specialty is working with overseas clients who are seeking to buy real estate in the United States in an international transaction. Whether you’re looking for a new home as you prepare to relocate to the USA or are an overseas real estate investor seeking out some profitable properties in the U.S., the World Alliance Realty Team is here to assist.

World Alliance Realty is based in North Miami Beach, Florida, which is one of the nation’s hotspots for residential and commercial real estate, particularly when it comes to real estate investing. But our team is situated across the nation, enabling us to provide exceptional, hyper-localized assistants to our clients. But don’t take our word for it! Discover the difference for yourself when you work with the team at World Alliance Realty when purchasing your next home or investment property in the USA.

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Contact us and let us know of you situation. Want to buy a home? Want to sell? Need financing or just want to find a place to relocate your family? We have the right answers for you and we can’t help you achieve your goal.



We have many years of experience and we know our stuff. We are specialized in South Florida real estate. We have successfully helped many clients with their real estate needs and we are confident we can help you too.



In real estate knowledge is the key. Having an experiment real estate adviser is important because not only helps you save money or make a better profit but also helps avoid those inconvenient legal issues that can cost you money.